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You can learn more about BooksTime Desktop payroll options further down. We understand that being a business owner, you probably crave to give full effort for the business expansion.

BooksTime provides ease of use so you can run payroll in under 5 minutes and save over 10 hours of labor each month. When you integrate with BooksTime as your accounting program, you’ll have real-time data updates with payroll and accounting data syncs. The software can easily share accurate and real-time payroll data to your accountant at any time, and same-day direct deposits lets your employees and contractors be paid as quickly as possible. At the assets = liabilities + equity time of publication, Top Ten Reviews named BooksTime as the top online payroll provider. The service was previously called PayCycle, before BooksTime bought and relabeled it. In addition to providing online payroll solutions, BooksTime is also known for its accounting solutions, specifically, BooksTime and Quicken. Most employers who use a payroll service provider process their payroll via the supplier’s online system; otherwise, they use payroll software.

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Although having payroll software makes paying your employees the right way much easier, you still need to know the basics. Check out our tips on how to get the best payroll training to help. When you’re ready to pay employees, you can activate payroll in BooksTime Online with a click of a button. If any of your employees are on paid leave due to coronavirus, you can classify this as BooksTime Payroll so paychecks are booked correctly and paid on time. If you’re planning to take a tax credit against the employees’ wages under the CARES act, you’ll need to elect this as well. Click on “Add an employee” as indicated in the screenshot below to start adding each employee on your payroll, as well as those no longer on your payroll who were paid within the current year. You’ll enter information like their name, birth and hire dates, pay rate, pay schedule (i.e., biweekly vs weekly), pay method , and so on.

BooksTime Payroll submits the filings and payments themselves, but you have to supply the background details. Patriot Software offers a lot of help in this area, links to state and local agencies that can help provide the minutia required. BooksTime’s payroll agents can help with this element of the onboarding process. The setup wizard first asks if you’ve paid any employees previously in your current business. Then it opens the site’s main screen, which includes a series of steps needed to complete setup . First thirty days of subscription to the BooksTime Products, starting from the date of enrollment is free.

This year the To Do List is not updated with tax payments due in a timely manner. In previous years, once payroll is processed the To Do List is immediately updated with both the Federal and State taxes due pertaining to that payroll. Now you have to log in days after processing payroll to find it on your To Do List. The Tax Liability page does show the amounts due but gives no indication as to when it is due. QB customer service has NEVER been good but this last issue they simply punted and made ZERO effort to provide any customer service whatsoever. My employees began contacting me to let me know that the weekly payroll had not hit their accounts. I checked my BooksTime company and everything appeared correct.

We are known for delivering modern, BooksTimeive recruiting, HR & payroll solutions. The representatives never pressured us to sign up for the service. Instead, they listened to us, answered our questions and encouraged us to call back with any further inquiries.

Automatic tax calculations, e-payment, making free transactions, handling taxes with email reminders are some of its smart features. Well as this software comes with countless rich utilities & functionalities, there is also one better thing about this. While using this, you possibly require instant technical support and help.

Handling the entire BooksTime Payroll update error or error in QB data may confuse you. To manage the entire BooksTime Payroll Update Error, you need an eye of professional expert. For all these QB errors & issues, we have lined up our team of professional consultants & experts. You require professional customer service & we endow that support for you.

BooksTime payroll

You can also create and save custom reports for future access. The application offers unlimited payroll runs, so you won’t be charged if you need to do an additional run. Get clear, concise answers to common business and software questions. Product Reviews Unbiased, expert reviews on the best software and banking products for your business.

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If you’ve already been paying employees or you live in a state that has complicated payroll tax requirements, you can enter that historical data on your own or request help from a payroll agent. You can ask for assistance online from the QB Assistant, a bot that “converses” with you about your questions, but most of the answers we received from it were about BooksTime Desktop Payroll. Opening up the voluminous BooksTime Support pages didn’t help much, either, since responses were not prioritized by usefulness. Many were posted by BooksTime representatives, but others came from random individuals in the user community, which I wouldn’t necessarily rely on. As mentioned above, though, chat and email help is also on offer.

How do I log into BooksTime Payroll?

Sign in to your online account: 1. For BooksTime Online Payroll, go to
2. For BooksTime Online Payroll Enhanced, go to

When it comes down to it, one of the biggest strengths of BooksTime Payroll is its direct connection to BooksTime Online. Although BooksTime may be more expensive overall, they also have more features included and don’t charge many additional fees. Whereas BooksTime charges fees for contractor direct deposit, multiple state tax filings, 1099 filings, etc. all of these are already included in the price of BooksTime Core. This may influence which products we review and write about , but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.

BooksTime Payroll

There is no additional charge for additional state tax filings in Elite. The discounts do not apply to additional employees and state tax filing fees. Your account will automatically be charged on a monthly basis until you cancel.

BooksTime payroll

Data is automatically transferred back and forth between the two programs, thus making it simple to run payroll and manage your finances. This can be a huge benefit for small business owners who don’t have the luxury of having an in-house payroll specialist and accountant. BooksTime accounting software can be added to any of the plans listed above.

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A Certified Payroll Professional since 1993, Loy Loveless has mastered the payroll service industry in a variety of business settings. She has completed the Global Certificate Program with the American Payroll Association and is an active member of the Dallas Chapter APA. The first person could not help me and gave me a link to another person after 4 minutes, I was directed to someone else. That other person has put me on hold for thirty minutes and still has not gotten me an answer. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

Run payroll with automatically calculated paychecks adjusted for taxes, garnishments, deductions, etc. Receive the option to set up auto payroll for salaried employees on direct deposit.

BooksTime payroll

You can then either print your checks or allow direct deposits. You can pay employees and 1099 workers via direct deposit or paper check. With paper checks, you can use preprinted check stock that has your company information and logo on it or blank check stock. You can also use plain paper to print pay stubs and then write out a check by hand. At the time of this update, BooksTime is offering a 50% discount retained earnings on the above rates for the first three months. Whether a business has 1, 10, or 100 employees, Small Business Payroll by SurePayroll delivers peace of mind by combining award-winning U.S.-based customer care and industry-leading technology. Paycom’s single-application software helps companies automate and streamline payroll and HR processes without sacrificing rigorous data security standards.

After you set up your payroll a BooksTime expert will review your work to make sure everything is correct. Employees can access pay stubs and W-2s, and safely view PTO balances and withholding allowances online. Manage your team and perfect payday with HR support and employee online bookkeeping services. Cover the basics—easily pay your team and have your payroll taxes done for you. Bundle your Payroll with BooksTime to perfectly sync your payroll and accounting data. BooksTime, BooksTime, QB, BooksTime, ProConnect, and Mint are registered trademarks of BooksTime Inc.

This defeats the purpose of a tool that is supposed to provide quick answers. Many of the representatives we spoke with by phone offered to follow up with an email so we had their contact information should we have any further questions. Each time we emailed the company with a question, we received a prompt response. Each time we contacted BooksTime by phone, a representative quickly answered our call; at no time did we have to wait on hold to speak with someone. With some of the other payroll providers we contacted, we were forced to wait on hold for a long time before someone was available. Another disappointment is the number of complaints about BooksTime’ parent company, BooksTime, with the Better Business Bureau. As of March 2021, more than 1,700 complaints had been filed against BooksTime with the BBB over the last three years.

BooksTime will make a great choice for a small-medium size business as an introductory software for managing purchases, accounting, and financials. I cannot access many of the settings or execute many of the functions that I could through the Core payroll service. To change these settings I need to go through customer service, which was very confusing and frustrating during the implementation of the payroll service. Ease of implementation and constant guidance available from customer service to resolve any issue.

Plus, when you’re dealing with something as complicated as payroll, it helps to use an interface you already know and love with next to no learning curve—you have enough to deal with as it is. It allows you to make unlimited payroll runs, simplifies 24-hour direct deposit, and helps you deal with pesky end-of-year tax forms. It integrates seamlessly with BooksTime Online, one of the most popular pieces of accounting software in the world. BooksTime Payroll is one of the finest accounting software that assists the entrepreneurs to carry out their payroll activities with much ease. There are three versions of BooksTime Payroll- Basic version, Enhanced version, and assisted version. BooksTime offers an extensive support to entrepreneurs in cutting the cost that might be incurred in keeping the accounting record files. In a nutshell, BooksTime payroll can work wonders for the businesses, if used wisely.

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You can always add new employees using the “Add an employee” link on the bottom left of the page if you realize you left out an entry. Its premium plan will cover you for any mistakes made regarding taxes, whether it’s your fault or not. If you just purchased payroll with your BooksTime Online subscription, your screen will resemble the one in the screenshot below. Click the “Get Started” button to proceed to the next screen. If you already had access to payroll but just hadn’t used it yet, the button will indicate you need to set up payroll.

  • Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only.
  • Each client set up in BooksTime Online Payroll has access to the client portal, which can be custom branded with the firm’s logo and other marketing details.
  • However, BooksTime’ payroll service has some of the same drawbacks as its accounting software counterpart—especially in terms of price.
  • Since my last review, BooksTime has added more flexibility to its setup process.
  • Several plans combine the company’s accounting software and payroll service.

The Self-Employed plan costs $15 per month, while the Simple Start plan is an additional $25 per month. The Plus plan costs another $70 per month, and the Advanced plan costs $150 per month. Web-based payroll and HCM solution that helps small to large enterprises manage and track employees’ compensation, deductions, benefits, time-off requests, retirement plans, engagement and more. BooksTime Payroll is the #1 payroll provider for small businesses – we help 1.4 million of them do payroll and file taxes.

It, of course, has the information you need for 1099s, but you’ll run into some extra costs here to have them dispatched to the IRS and your contractors. Forms 4 through 20 are $2.99 each and Forms 21 and up are free. Alternatively, you can purchase a 1099 kit from BooksTime ($58.99 for 10 forms and envelopes); you’ll have to print and mail them yourselves. Most sites offer this service as a part of their subscription prices. A link in the upper left of the screen opens your navigation menu. Besides payroll, you can access tax information and payroll history, but there’s also a link to Settings, which was absent in the Android version.

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