You can broaden the scope of your search to see what people are saying about your brand all over the internet. There’s a built-in sentiment analysis feature that works in multiple languages. In addition to positive and negative sentiment, Hootsuite Insights tracks specific emotions, like anger and joy, over time. You can also filter sentiment by location or demographics, so you can see how sentiment varies across your audience. Hootsuite Insights powered by Brandwatch allows you to use detailed Boolean search strings to monitor social sentiment automatically. You’ll also get word clouds showing the most common words used to talk about your brand.

This will give you a solid overview of what your audience is eager to consume and already actively engaging with. With the click of a button, you can listen, respond, and monitor brand affinity. Guaranteed, if you’re not interacting with your audience, your competition is and that’s a huge opportunity lost. Use my link for a free trial and see how easy it is to monitor your keywords, phrases, and topics. If they’re not listening, you’ve no doubt given them a reason to tune out.

This can help you determine the best times for your brand to post on social media. The tool tracks conversations on news sites, forums, and blogs, as well as social networks. This gives you a full set of analytics data from across the social web.

How To Measure Social Media Roi

In the next section, we’ll cover why each of these areas is worth monitoring, and highlight some of the top metrics to track to inform your KPIs. It’s important to make sure that the KPIs you choose support your client’s overall marketing and business goals. Similarly, knowing followers’ time zones and when they are most active online will help you plan when to post. It helps you understand how people consume and engage with content through likes, shares, comments, reactions, clicks, and more. Accomplishing all this is crucial for you to prove the success of your campaigns, and turn data insights into clear takeaways and next actions. And finally, you need to condense all the data you’ve collected into an easy-to-browse report that even your least data-savvy clients can understand.

Likealyzer also grades the Page’s performance based on more than 70 different data points, and offers recommendations for improvement based on the results. Keyhole offers various trackers that help you monitor your events, campaigns, influencer activity, brand mentions, and industry-specific social conversations. It lets you track hashtags, keywords, and accounts, for which it provides a wealth of information such as reach, top posts, share of voice, and more for your brand or competitors’. Zoho is a unique and powerful software suite that has CRM, collaboration, and other SaaS options that take care of your entire operational workflow. Zoho Social is the part that enables you to understand your social media audience and how they engage with you.

What Is Social Media Sentiment Analysis?

Alex York is a former Sprout writer, and he’s your guiding light to all things content. When he’s not writing, you’ll catch him defending Ohio sports teams or endlessly scrolling through Netflix. Other reports such as Twitter Keyword, Twitter Competitorsand how to analyze social media the Trends Report all detail your Twitter efforts even further. Social media content calendars are the best way to plan and organize upcoming content. Surveys can also be a great way to find out how well your strategy is working.

Engagement Report– This report shows you engagement levels on each platform. The above information can be critical in quantifying leads and conversions generated from social media activities. The best place to start is to look at how your competitors have priced their products. You’ll learn what your target market is willing to pay and get an understanding of what prices might work well for your business. pricing strategy is going to be one of the most important aspects of your online business — and potentially a competitive advantage.

Influencer Report

To access this data, check out the tab for Total Video views , for paid and organic views. There is also a tab with data for Daily Total Number of Times a Video Has Been Seen Again, which is the number of times a video has been played after the initial play. More than one play per person indicates that people have been coming back to your page to see the video. Use the Daily New Likes vs. Daily New Unlikes tab to determine your net number of likes for the day, and to determine the days when you had the most unlikes. You can also cross-reference this with post data to identify which posts do not seem to be resonating with your audience. While there are a ton of metrics youcan look at, we’ve trimmed the list down to some of the key metrics we feel indicate strong content and a successful social strategy.

When analyzing exit rates, see if you had a CTA, too much text on the slide, or other visuals that may have turned users off. You might notice your exits happen in the first and last slide of your software development firm Instagram story series. Perhaps you could tweak your first slide to better entice users to keep watching. Analyze your exits to help improve your copywriting, visual aesthetic, and engagement .

Hootsuite Insights Powered By Brandwatch

Conducting this analysis will help you determine whether there are certain investments to be made so that you can include them in your budget. For your first audit, track the relevant data and add it to your spreadsheet. In future audits, include the change percentage to gauge whether your social media strategy is working or if you need to make some changes. Clicks are actually a form of engagement, but let’s consider them a separate metric because they influence traffic.

Below find the links to detailed guides about the process on each platform. On average it gets 45.000 likes/comments a day, while this seems like a lot it is actually how to analyze social media an engagement rate of 1%. Analyzing your competitors’ social media behavior will give you an advanced idea of how your market segment fares on digital platforms.

The free plan offers a detailed, 90-day analysis for one page and a comparative dashboard for any number of competitors. The free plan will also send you weekly reports and alerts if you so choose. There are tools to help you determine what’s working for you and your competitors, what isn’t working and why. For a Page belonging to your company or organization, you can track engagement with your updates as well as see various metrics about your followers and visitors.

There are many steps involved in conducting an efficient social media audit. Conducting a SWOT analysis will enable you to take a good look at your company, distinguish yourself and carve a niche wherein you can successfully compete. Not all clicks will result in traffic, however; a handful of people will leave while your page is loading. If the difference between clicks and traffic is massive, it’s an indication there’s something wrong with your site, probably the loading time.

As you have seen here, a great analytics tool will give you all the social media metrics you need to keep track of your social media performance. Frankly, you’d be hard-pressed to find another tool which will give you so much intel and with so much ease of use. Pinterest business accounts –which you can easily switch to– come with access to Pinterest Social Media Analytics. Its analytics measure the traffic your site gets, as well as traffic from other channels, the content people save from your social channels, and audience insights. These reveal key social analytics intel about your followers, including demographics and topics that interest them. And you can compare your audience against the overall Pinterest audience to see where they fall.

If one of your competitors is hosting a local event, attend and see firsthand what customers value and support. Remember to consider all the research you’ve been completing around general startup and business costs as we’ve walked through in previous posts. If you want to know the specifics of competitor analysis on each social media platform, we’ve got you covered.

What matters is where your audience is hanging out and actively engaged. For example, if YouTube is your top performer, what specific content resonated most?

The data that is retrieved via API integrations with social media channels can then be analyzed and compared in a single tool, regardless of the source. Social media analytics tools like quintly automatically clean your data and convert it to a standard format. What’s more, your clients may have their own definition of certain social media metrics.

Break Through The Noise On Social Media

Different companies will, of course, have different needs when it comes to social media. This is where creating a comprehensive social media strategy comes into play.

As an influencer-identification platform, Klear is one of the best out there for building influencer and outreach lists. Its top content dashboard is visual and easy to read, and the audience analysis tools help you assess the quality, not just the size, of the audience the account is reaching. how to analyze social media Discover four free tools to analyze your social media competitors. In this article you’ll discover four free tools to compare your social media presence with your competitors’. We’ve built a full stack of social media tools to help modern brands grow their awareness, engagement, and sales.

Before trying to make sense of all this data, it’s helpful to set some key performance indicators that are important to your business. For example, if you’re using your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your website, one of your KPIs might relate to link clicks. However, if you’re focused on building a community, set a KPI for engagement stats. But with Sprout Social, users have access to ourFacebook Competitor Analysis Report.

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