Completely honest and upfront which is rare in the auction business, even including the big international houses. There is a fair amount of ordinary stuff but they frequently have something good that goes for a very fair price. They specialize in paintings and are known to buyers all over the country and probably beyond.

bill hood & sons art & antique auctions

When it comes to selling used clothing, shoes and handbags on consignment, opportunities are plentiful in our coastal area. A 4-foot-tall silver Buddha stands prayerfully in the front window of Great Stuff Previously Enjoyed, a high-end consignment foreign currency brokers store just west of the Intracoastal in Delray Beach. Like all of the pre-owned treasures inside — the pink satin loveseat, the Pang Jen paintings, the mounted African antelope head — Buddha is living here temporarily until a buyer comes along.

Bill Hood & Sons Arts & Antiques Auctions

Owner Susie McTighe has been running this shop for the past 15 years. She splits the proceeds of her sales 50/50 with her sellers, as do most consignors. investing money wisely But if you brought McTighe something valued at more than $5,000, she’d gladly reduce her cut rather than have you sell it elsewhere.

The reference database contains data from large & small auctions across the United States. The image below is associated with an item registered in the reference database. Also ask about all other miscellaneous fees, including those for handling and storage or for insurance for your item. Insurance fees are typically about 1 percent or 2 percent of the item’s presale value, and it’s possible you may be able to find your own insurance for cheaper. Davis said that some places, including his business, also buy some items outright instead of doing it on a consignment basis. “You have to be informed. There are a lot of people out there who feel they’ve gotten ripped off right now,” said Paul Agruso, a licensed auctioneer in Jupiter. “People are looking to liquidate and get more for their stuff,” said Carolyn Hood, president of Bill Hood & Sons.

Image Courtesy Of Bill Hood And Sons Art & Antique Auctions

You want to make sure your merchandise will fit in with what the buyers at the auction house will be looking for. Go to an auction at the auction house candlestick basics and see how it’s run. Note whether Internet and phone bids are being accepted, as this could provide more competition and could bump up the price.

A respected and honest auction house whose auctions can be participated in over the internet. AuctionZip is the world’s largest online auction marketplace for local auctions – today, this weekend, and every day. After customers at a storage facility reneged on their payments, Boca Raton auctioneer Betty Shughart sold off hundreds of the stored items at a recent auction.

Jupiter Island Estate Day 2

And for some, that means seeking bids on the auction block. Antiques and The Arts Weekly is the nation’s leading weekly publication on the antiques and the arts trade, and is available both in print and online. Bill Hood & Soons Art & Antique are other fake market. Every week we list thousands of new items at auction near you from our collection of over 25,000 auctioneers nationwide. The Hood’s are well known having been south Florida residents for 35 years. Carolyn Hood is President of Bill Hood & Sons Auction, While Bill Sr., Chris & Bill II are the Auctioneers.

It would be an immense text and a long loss of time to discuss this story. The absurd point of all this evolution is the incredible market of fake objects and sold on internet auction sites. Many do not buy the “idea” or the aesthetic pleasure but rather the “mark”, the signature. Like Renoir’s case on Trump’s wall or more sophisticated copies like the one sold by the famous Sotheby’s auction house. accentforex pamm are a well known auctionhouse established for over 20 years ago in south Florida. Bill Hood & Sons Art & Antique Auctions is specializing in quality antiques of many kinds, appraisals, estate settlement, and selling of fine arts. They have been in business forever and are trusted by locals and can see some very high quality items come through their auctions.

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“Sometimes it’s hard to part with stuff like that, but I had no space for them anymore,” said Johnson, who sold the sofas through Palm Beach Modern Auctions. She did not disclose how much she got, but said it was “less than I’d hoped for.” While auctions can at times yield great profit, as in Stenger’s case, experts warn that consumers need to come in with realistic expectations of the fees and pitfalls. “In today’s world, people are looking for cash, selling things they normally wouldn’t have,” said Stan Crooks, president of Auction America in West Palm Beach. He said that the recent rash of foreclosures have forced people to move into smaller places and clean out some of their valuables. “We get Rolexes all the way down to Tupperware. We even got a casket,” he said. Register for a free account and receive full access and free Credits to our industry leading search engine.

bill hood & sons art & antique auctions

Try to find out as much as you can about the history of your item. Decide whether there’s a minimum amount you’ll accept – if so, you can often put a reserve price on an item, which means that if no one bids at or above that price, the item is returned to you. However, if you do set a reserve price, there are often higher fees involved, and you’ll of course have to deal with the hassle of transporting the item back home. Welcome to bill hood and sons art and antique auctions. In order to read or download 2017 antique maps wall calendar ebook, you need to create a FREE account. You could spend a lot of time and energy trying to sell your own stuff on eBay.

Bill Hood And Son’s

Definitely recommended and I have been going to auctions for fifty years. Under their 60-day contract, if an item doesn’t sell by Day 30, the price is cut 30 percent; at Day 45, they may mark it down 50 percent. If it doesn’t sell, you must pick it up within three days or else it’s donated to Boca’s Hospice by the Sea Chest thrift store. “You could have identical pieces at two different auctions, and they could sell for wildly different prices. It depends on the crowd and if they’re in a spending mood.” Understand all the details and what will happen before and after the sale. Know exactly when and how you will be paid, and make sure it is all in writing.

The Internet is responsible for an enormous revolution. Never has so much information and so many objects been available. We can say that art has reached its peak as “commodity” and “investment”. To the point of almost turning into a merchandise in the best style of the canned ones designed by Andy Warhol. There are numerous treatises on art and its unfolding over the centuries.

Bill Hood & Sons

Are you ready to part with this item for cash, and perhaps even accept less than it may be worth? That was the question that Sandy Johnson of West Palm Beach had to make with two white love seats that had been in her family more than 50 years. They didn’t fit into the smaller home she’d moved into, and the friend that had been storing the couches for her was moving. Consumers seeking to downsize or get a little extra cash have begun handing over collectibles and household items to auction houses. Notable sales found in our September 25, 2020 issue cover a spectrum of literature, art and fashion. On the fashion front, an early Valentino dress, circa 1968, showed nicely at Augusta Auctions, almost tripling its high estimate. These and more across the United States round out this week’s offerings of interest.

Adams and her daughter price items at 30 percent of estimated retail cost. “If the clothes have brand-name tags, or are the hot color of the season, we’ll move up the price,” she says. At Way Too Cute boutique down the block, the consignment period is 60 days, and the merchandise is distinctly different. Shabby chic, French cottage, and Florida-coastal furnishings rule the day. Owner Marcia Sheehan has a painter friend who transforms consigned furniture into MacKenzie-Childs look-alikes. Sellers agree to a three-month consignment period here.

Auction Notices By Type

At a recent auction, an Internet bidder somewhere in the world jumped the bid hundreds of dollars ahead, beating out all competitors for a flawless Art Deco Rosenthal figurine. Bill Hood II accepts live bids during an auction at his family’s gallery in Delray Beach.

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